1st July, 2014- 1) Celebration of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy's Birth Anniversary, 2) Kanyashree Prakalpya-Cycle distribution, 3) Felicitation to Meritorious Madhyamik and H.S. students, 2014
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Base Map of Panihati Municipality
Current News & Events
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Chairman's Desk
Current Tenders
NI e-T No. WBMAD/PM/HD/NIT-01(e)/2013-14/Sl-1, Dated - 24.09.2014 Notice Inviting Tender for Request for proposal (RPF) documents for selection of consultancy firms for construction and operation of Panihati Super Speciality Hospital for Panihati Municipality through E-Tender. Images
Corrigendum No. PM/VD/2014/Corgndm-2, dated- 08.09.2014 The Tender Notice of Panihati Municipality has been published on 06.09.2014 in "eProcurement System Of Government of West Bengal", please read correctly the Tender value column "INR 7,50,000 in place of Tender value INR 75,00,000 of E-Tendering. Also EMD will be changed automatically at the percentage of 2%. It would be INR 15000 in place of INR 1,50,000: i) PM/VD/2014-15/NIT-Re(e) 01; dated 06.09.2014. Images
NIT No. IT882 / 2014-15; dated 30.08.14 Data entry of Holding-wise details of Land & Building and incorporate data into the running Software. Images
NIT No. PM/VD/2014-15/03; dated 18.08.14 of i) 30 HP Tractor; ii) Backhoe attachment in Tracotr; iii) Loader With Extended Chassis Images
Corrigendum Notice No. PM/VD/14/377/4 Dated :- 14.08.2014 Due to unavoidable circumstances, the tender no. PM/VD/2014-15/01 dated 05/06/2014 & Ref Notice No. PM/VD/2014-15/01-Ext(1) dated 18.06.2014 regarding procurement of 1) Manlifier Crane (Hydraulic arial type_ - 11 Mtr. Working height, 2) Recovery Crane (Wrecker Van) approx 3 ton capacity has been cancelled. Images
NIT No. PM/PWD/2014-14/350 Dated 05.08.2014 Construction of Nikashi Drain and Road at different wards, Sl No. 1 to 9. Images
NIT No. PM/PWD/2014-14/349 Dated 05.08.2014 Construction of Nikashi Drain at different wards ,Sl No. 1 to 4. Images
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